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Q- Can you convert any car?

A- Technically you can convert any car but cars built after 1996 we wont convert due to safety technologies such as airbags, ABS and traction control being to difficult to reinstate. When we convert cars the certifying engineers want the cars as safe or safer than wehen manufactured. 

We love converting all sorts of cars so if your car is pre 1996 then get in touch and we can chat about your potential project. or feel free to call me on 0409939556

Q- What if I don't have a car to convert but want an 

electric classic?

A- No problem. We love working with our customers to help them choose the right car for their needs and we also love helping them track down that particular car and buying it on their behalf if needed. 

Q- How much range will I get?

A- This is a question we get a lot. It depends on a few factors. The size of the car and the space we have for batteries.The weight of the car and ofcourse budget. More batteries means more cost. As a guide most of our builds range from 150KM to 250KM.


Q- How long will my new electric classic take to charge?

A- Again this depends on a few things. What charger we set up in your car. What power you have at home IE single phase or 3 phase. If we go all out on your car you can get to a full charge in a couple of hours. Or you may prefer the cheaper solution where you can charge your car to full charge overnight at home. 

Q- How much Gusto will my new Electrogusto have?

A- How much would you like? Well before you answer that we need to consider the car we are electrifying. Safety is our main focus at Electrogusto. We need to consider what power your car can handle first. Then we can choose the right motor for you and your car. 

Q- Do you do restorations as well?

A- Yes we do. We find that most of the classic cars our customers bring us will need some work to be done before we electrify them. This could be as simple as upgrading the brakes or suspension or as extensive as a full restoration. 

Q- OK this all sounds great but how long will it take?

A- Depending on our waiting list your car should take around 4-6 months to electrify. If we are managing other upgrades or restoration tasks for you it may take longer. We create a bespoke web portal for all our customers where we give you weekly updates and images on your project. 

Q- Can you put in cool stuff like power steering and air conditioning and ejector seats.

A- We can definitely put in power steering and air conditioning. Perhaps heated seats would be more appropriate. 

Q- OK I want one. How much is it going to cost?

A- Again this depends on a lot of things as Each car is a tailor made solution. As a guide our conversions often cost somewhere between $80,000 and $100,000. 

Q- How do I register the car once it is completed?

A- We work with one of our approved state engineers throughout the build of your car. Once the build is completed we work with that engineer to complete all the paperwork required for registration. 

If you have any further Questions please feel free to email me at or call me on 0409939556.

Go forth with Gusto.  

Answers to some common questions

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