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Fully electric Military spec G-Wagon
The Wolf

A Wolf in Wolf's clothing

The Mercedes Benz G240 Wolf is indeed a wolf in wolf's clothing. Designed in the 1970’s by Mercedes in answer to a brief put forward by the Shah of Iran for a military vehicle suitable for his empire. During its development Mercedes realised they had developed something special and the G wagon went on to be used in many military applications and now enjoys worldwide popularity for those who want off road capabilities with stylish comfort and plenty of swagger. The one challenge with these vehicles in their current state is they are sluggish. The 72HP five cylinder diesel engine is great for going slowly up any incline but is limiting when on the open road with a top speed of around 80 KMH. Once electrified, however, the G 240 Wolf will be silently zipping down the road at speeds well over 100KMH with ease. With a range of 150 to 300 KM depending on customers' needs. Our plans for the Wolf are to keep its army credentials and classic grey green colouring. That being said if you dream of one in a different colour we can accommodate that as well. We plan on installing the original style doors that are canvas wrapped around a metal frame. We will also be reinstating new windscreens and canvas bikini tops. Seats will be trimmed in marine grade materials reflecting the style of classic cars from the era giving the Wolf an extra touch of luxury and style. Digital screens and entertainment system will sit neatly into the original control centre of the Wolf. A full rebuild of all mechanical components will also be carried out. Once electrified and upgraded Electrogusto will be selling these Wolves for $150,000+ depending on customers requirements. If you are interested in joining the Wolf pack please get in touch so we can start planning your electric G wagon.


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