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Pick your colour.
Coupe or roadster?


The Electrogusto Rifatto.


- Fully electrified

- Complete brake overhaul

- New suspension components

- New wood steering wheel

- Reconditioned gearbox and clutch

- 3 button gear selector. D/N/R

- New LED headlights

- New chrome bumpers

- New windscreen

- New tyres and painted rims

- New mirrors inside and out

- Body and paint colour of your choice

- Your choice of trim colour

- New chrome trim

- Heated seats and stereo options

- Fully engineer approved and ready for registration in Australia

Working with the team from Electrogusto have designed and developed an Electric 356 Porsche tribute. Our first one is enjoying a life in Queensland currently. The body is manufactured in South Africa and comes with a steel frame inserted into the fibreglass body. This Body is then mounted to a shortened VW chassis. The chassis is restored and upgraded with new suspension and disc brakes on all 4 corners. The customer can decide on a coupe or roadster version along with colour choices for body and interior. The electrification of the vehicle is done with a Netgain Hyper 9 motor out of Italy and two battery packs to help with weight distribution. These cars are a lot of fun to drive and come with all the beautiful design elements that came with the original cars. You can charge this car from your household plug overnight and we estimate a range of around 150-200KM.

Over the last hundred years there have been some seminal automotive design moments. One being in 1948 when Ferdinand Porsche designed the first 356. These cars have gone on to be one of the most admired and coveted cars ever made. So much so that the prices of original cars in reasonable condition have gone through the roof. This design classic has become so valuable that it is often locked away under blankets in climate controlled garages with owners too frightened to drive them. These cars were designed with form and function in mind. They were designed to be driven and to be admired. So a tribute or replica of the 356 that has all the design style and modern components to make it safe and reliable is a great solution. 

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