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Imagine being in post war Italy. Life is getting better and Europe is getting back on its feet. Dad comes home with a new car. It’s like a spaceship, it’s a Fiat Topolino. These are the cars that changed peoples lives. They brought independence and the ability to explore and go on adventures, to live a better life. Fast forward 70 years or so and this car still makes people smile. It comes from a time when things were made to last. When design and attention to detail was important. For me, some of the standout design features on this car are the full ragtop roof, roll it back and look at the stars on a warm summer night. The art deco bakelite gauges and sun visors are things of beauty. And the suicide doors are cooler than the ones on a half a million dollar Rolls Royce Dawn. Part of our job at Electrogusto is to turn these cars into modern spaceships, but to be sympathetic to the original design. We do everything we can to retain the original soul of these cars. So for this car there will be a lot design and engineering research into how we retain all of this simple mechanical elegance and interface it into our new technology upgrades.


Andrew the owner of this car wants a power increase as part of the conversion. Considering the original motor put out 16 horsepower this is understandable. Andrew wants a lot more power than that so it means an upgrade to the chassis and a new front and rear end on the car. This will give him not only the ability to increase the power but give him better suspension and disk brakes all around.

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