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Our newly designed electric BSA

I've always loved BSA's. My first motorcycle over 30 years ago was a B40 BSA that I purchased at a swap meet. It actually wasn't a motorcycle it was 3 boxes of motorcycle parts. Putting it all back together and bringing it back to life was one of the best moments of my youth. And that is what we are doing now. Bringing these classics back to life. This time we have chosen the BSA Bantam. A bike that was originally a DKW design but given to both Harley Davidson and the Birmingham Small Arms companies to manufacture after the war. They are in my opinion what a motorcycle should look like. Single seat and a whole lot of attitude.

We are nearly finished our first R&D bike and have been taking turns riding it around the workshop. The bike now has a disk brake rear end in the hub motor and all other components have been refurbished. We are still making some design tweaks on the bike and are considering a leather pannier style cover for the battery box.


We are looking to offer these as a product in coming months so if you can see yourself whizzing around in style get in touch and we'll build you one. 

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