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The Citroën H Van has a rich history dating back to its introduction in 1947. Designed by Pierre Franchiset, this iconic van quickly became synonymous with French culture and practicality. Its distinctive corrugated bodywork and minimalist design were ahead of its time, offering versatility and reliability for a range of commercial uses. The H Van's popularity soared throughout the mid-20th century, serving as everything from delivery vehicles to ambulances and food trucks. Its enduring appeal lies in its robust engineering and timeless aesthetic, making it a cherished classic among enthusiasts and a symbol of post-war European innovation.

This particular van owned by Melany and Nathan has already gone through a substantial restoration. The bodywork has been restored and painted a beautiful colour combination reflecting Melany’s business Mellabella Gelato. Melany will be serving gelato from this incredible vehicle at weddings and events over summer. Unfortunately these Citroen vans aren’t known for their reliability or driving ease. So this beautiful van is also having a full suspension and steering overhaul with the help from our friends at Lucky’s Speedshop. We have searched the globe for replacement parts for the van including a disk brake upgrade kit and power assist steering. The HY van will run a Nissan Leaf motor and we have installed a heap of batteries in-between the chassis rails in 4 battery boxes. When finished this Citroen van is going to be one of the best on the planet.

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