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The Australian Defence Forces have a longstanding history of utilizing Land Rovers, Initially introduced in the 1950s, these versatile vehicles quickly became integral to Australian military operations due to their ruggedness, adaptability, and capability to navigate diverse terrains, from the Outback to tropical jungles. Over the decades, Land Rovers have been deployed in various roles within the ADF, including reconnaissance, transport, and command vehicles. Their reliability and ease of maintenance have made them particularly well-suited for Australia's expansive and challenging landscapes. Modified versions, such as the Perentie and Bushranger, have been tailored to meet specific ADF requirements, further cementing the Land Rover's status as a trusted workhorse in Australia's defence strategy.

This particular vehicle has had an honourable discharge and now lives a life as a luxury vehicle. With a plush new interior, heated seats, disk brakes on all 4 corners and apple car play this has to be the most luxurious Landrover Perentie in Australia. Owned by Craig this car will have all the extra bells and whistles added soon. It will be powered by a Tesla small drive motor from a model 3 and have a 55kWh of battery split between front and rear packs. We will be installing our new electronic shifter in this vehicle along with a new heater and demister system.

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