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- Complete brake overhaul. 

- New suspension components

- New wood steering wheel

- Reconditioned gearbox and clutch

- New 12 volt heater and demister

- New LED headlights

- New chrome bumpers

- New windscreen

- New tyres and painted rims

- New mirrors inside and out

- Electric windscreen washer

- New chrome trim

- Fully engineer approved and registered in NSW

At Electrogusto we believe in doing things properly and not cutting corners, so this car has been taken back to bare metal and totally restored and repainted in Auratium green, an old Porsche colour.

Our friends at Instich crafted a beautiful interior for us. With an olive leather on the seats and door cards combined with vintage cloth inserts. We love the small details Chris and his team have put in like the leather covered buttons. The car also has a reskinned black leather dash and leather edged German weave carpets throughout. Also the new white perforated headliner makes the interior glow.  

- Nissan leaf electric motor

- Front and rear battery boxes running CALB batteries

- Reduction gearbox

- Electronic shifter

- Newly designed and 3D printed center console with mission control set up

- Newly designed and fabricated top console with Apple carplay

- New interior, flooring and softtop

- Heated seats

- 12 volt heater and demister

- Front rear and underbody LED lighting

- Bluetooth stereo

- And potentially a Gerry can cocktail bar

We purchased two of these ex military beasts that eventually got snapped up by our friends Amanda and Gareth and Adrian and Val. We have started converting Adrian and Val's Wolf which is going to be amazing. Originally the vehicles are slow with a top speed of around 80KMH. Which makes it difficult to escape in a  Zombie apocalypse. But after being converted they will cruise at highway speeds no dramas. Everyone loves a G wagon and we are hoping to produce a few of these, so if you are interested get in touch.

At the heart of this conversion is a Nissan Leaf motor. These motors are beautifully built and perfect for a car this size. We work a bit of magic on the motors and fit them in with bespoke engine mounts and component trays to help house other major parts. We have two battery boxes containing CALB batteries. One in the front and one in the position of the original fuel tank which helps with weight distribution and keeps our certifying engineers happy. The charge port, like many of our cars, will be in the original fuel fill position.

We will be running a reduction gearbox mated to the Leaf motor which means the removal of the old unreliable gearbox.  The car will however keep its 4X4 credentials. The original power steering which is fantastic in these vehicles will be retained and a newly designed 12 volt heating and demisting system installed. 

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