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Beautifully crafted classics ready for the new world.

Gusto means an abundance of enjoyment and enthusiasm. 

At Electrogusto we have harnessed our own passion for classic vehicles to build classics that are easier to enjoy, safer, more economical and most importantly, better for the environment.We do this by converting them to 100% electric. No more noisy, smokey, engines breaking down on the side of the road. We can convert your classic car or hunt down the perfect car for your build. Everything after that is tailored to your taste and needs using the highest quality components ready for 21st century driving.


A new life

Class and Comfort

Classic colour

Using the latest technologies and highest quality components we bring  a range of classics from the past into the future

Personalise your ride by selecting from our curated range of fabrics in a wide variety of colours and patterns, including high grade leathers 

Along with restoring all original mechanical components, we rust proof our cars and finish them in colours of your choice

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Electrogusto is a pit crew of passionate craftspeople brought together by Nick Cummins. Nick spent most of his career in advertising, but the desire to create beautiful and functional automobiles that are better for the environment led him to quit his Ad land job and start Electrogusto. Our desire is to save these beautiful cars and bring them back to life ready for 21st century driving. We are currently building some fantastic cars for a number of clients but have space for more builds so get in touch.Hopefully one day we can make an Electrogusto for you. 

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We have some exciting builds on the go and are getting more and more  enquiries every day. Below are some works in progress. Call us to chat about scheduling your EV classic. Oh! and check out our Mercedes G wagons and Porsche 356 Tributes that are ready for conversion. Just what you need for next summer. 

How about a Porsche 356 Tribute as your Electric classic dream car ? We are now taking orders for these beautiful Tributes. Get in touch for more information.

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We love chatting to potential customers about their projects.As each build is bespoke it's often best to chat on the phone to get an idea on specs and price. Feel free to call Nick on 0409939556 or email us if you prefer. 

3 Crystal St Petersham

NSW 2049

Our warehouse workshop is down the alley way & out the back of number 3

Tel: 0409939556

Or check us out on instagram and say hi.

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