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This 911 Porsche was originally a left hand drive 1971 model. Throughout it’s life it has been modified like so many early 911’s. It has been converted to right hand drive and had more modern body panels and wheels installed, along with the iconic whale tale. The car is in great condition, so a perfect candidate for conversion to electric. Our plan for this car is to install a Netgain hyper 9 motor that delivers 127 horsepower and 230 NM of torque through the original gearbox. To do this we install a new flywheel and clutch onto the original box mated to our hyper 9 via a bespoke adapter plate and motor coupler. We will have two battery packs with CALB batteries. One in the front and one in the rear. This helps with weight distribution and keeps within our axle weight restrictions. All in all 11 batteries giving us an estimated range of 150KM. This car will have a new power assist steering unit installed and a 12 volt air-conditioning upgrade designed and installed.

We are big fans of the Porsche marque here at Electrogusto so we are looking forward to doing lots of test drives in this car. Just to get it dialled in perfectly of course. If you like many of us have dreamed of cruising down a coast road with the sun low in the sky in a 1970’s or 80’s german design classic then give us a call and let’s see if we can bring that dream to life. We have lots of Porsche contacts and can even help you find the perfect car to purchase so you can start your dream project.

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