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Beautifully crafted classics ready
for the new world.

Gusto means an abundance of enjoyment and enthusiasm. 

At Electrogusto we have harnessed our own passion for classic vehicles to build classics that are easier to enjoy, safer, more economical and most importantly better for the environment. We do this by converting them to 100% electric. No more noisy, smokey, engines breaking down on the side of the road. We can convert your classic car or hunt down the perfect car for your build. Everything after that is tailored to your taste and needs using the highest quality components ready for 21st century driving.

Electrogusto is a pit crew of passionate craftspeople brought together by Nick Cummins. Nick grew up on a dairy farm where he was taught that you don't throw anything out, you fix it. This lead to a passion for building and restoring vintage cars and motorcycles. Our desire at Electrogusto is to help our clients save these beautiful cars and bring them back to life ready for 21st century driving. We have a very talented team of mechanical and electrical engineers on staff along with a large list of the best automotive collaborators in Australia and abroad. We are currently building some fantastic cars for a number of clients but have space for more builds so get in touch. Hopefully one day we can make an Electrogusto for you. 

If you are interested in getting us to convert a classic for you please get in touch. Our process is very collaborative. Firstly we will chat about what you are after in your new electric classic. We work together to determine how much power and range you would like and any other modern features such as disc brakes, power steering, climate control and entertainment and navigation systems. We can update your classic as little or as much as you like. We also help many of our customers with full restorations as well as electric conversions if required. After we have an agreed brief we work with an independant engineer to determine our build and engineering requirements so the vehicle is built ready for certification and registration. 

From there we scan the car and start designing in CAD. We have two inhouse mechanical engineers and one electrical engineer who will work together on designing the layout and build brief for your car. We then fabricate battery boxes, engine mounts, subframes and brackets for the build. We pride ourselves on safe and elegant builds using only the best components. A build normally takes around 4 to 6 months and the car is delivered ready for registration with all necessary paperwork. We provide our clients with a live google doc that we update regularily so they can follow the build if they desire. 

If you are interested in talking about the potential of an electric classic project please feel free to call Nick at any time on 0409939556 or

Remember to follow us on instagram @ Electrogusto
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