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1973 VW type 3 squareback

A full
nut and bolt
restoration and

At Electrogusto we believe in doing things properly and not cutting corners, so this car has been taken back to bare metal and totally restored and repainted in Auratium green, an old Porsche colour.

Our friends at Instich crafted a beautiful interior for us. With an olive leather on the seats and door cards combined with vintage cloth inserts. We love the small details Chris and his team have put in like the leather covered buttons. The car also has a reskinned black leather dash and leather edged German weave carpets throughout. Also the new white perforated headliner makes the interior glow.  

This car is packed with technology but we have been clever in how we have hidden it. For example our digital screens showing state of charge and motor controler feedback are built into a bespoke 3D printed housing in the glovebox. All the driver has to do is push a button near the steering wheel and the glovebox door automatically opens to reveal the screens. The car is powered by a Netgain Hyper 9 motor which is manufactured in Italy. The Hyper 9 puts out 127 horsepower and connects to the original gearbox which has been fully restored. Even though we use the gearbox you drive this car like an automatic via our 3 button selector. The car has 5 Tesla 6.3 KWh batteries in it giving a range of around 200-250KM. The charge port is hidden in the original fuel filler cap position and can be charged by plugging the car into any household socket or your at home charging station. 

- Complete brake overhaul. 

- New suspension components

- New wood steering wheel

- Reconditioned gearbox and clutch

- New 12 volt heater and demister

- New LED headlights

- New chrome bumpers

- New windscreen

- New tyres and painted rims

- New mirrors inside and out

- Electric windscreen washer

- New chrome trim

- Fully engineer approved and registered in NSW

Now for sale $140,000

Component upgrades:
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