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It's all about the small details.

One of our favourite parts of the job at Electrogusto is the design and production of the small details. The bling. Here are two examples. The first is a rear grill badge we designed for Ian's 356 Tribute. 356 owners have a long history of adorning their vehicles with beautifully designed badges signifying events attended or attitudes held.This particular badge designed by our great mate Rubber is based on the rising phoenix symbolising the rebirth of a vehicle. We named these vehicles Rifatto's which in Italian is Remade or reimagined. 

The second is our Electrogusto St Christopher medal. My Grandmother swore by these. She would drive along in her 1970's Mazda with both hands off the wheel going through her handbag. I once nervously asked her to put her hands back on the wheel and she said don't be worrying about that St Christopher has it under control as she glanced at her magnetic St Christopher medal attached to the dash of the car. These ones I found at a flea market in Paris and we designed and 3D printed our own magnetic surround.Build a car with us and we'll throw one in for free to keep you safe on the road. We still recommend both hands on the wheel at all times though. 

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